Top 5 Things To Do In Zermatt In Summer

 Top 5 things to do in Zermatt in summer


Start planning your next summer holiday in Zermatt with this little guide to the top things to do in Zermatt in summer. We’ve been sitting at home for long enough, now it’s time to go outdoors and enjoy our beautiful nature.


We hope we can all agree that Zermatt is one of the prettiest towns in Switzerland, especially thanks to the Matterhorn.  Surrounded by mountains, there is so much you can do outdoors. The past few months have kept us away from nature, that’s why this guide focuses on awesome things you can do outside.



Top 5 Things To Do In Zermatt In Summer 2020

1. Go Hiking

Hiking is for sure one of the top things to do in Zermatt during the summer months. Whether you like a challenging hike or rather a relaxing stroll to enjoy the amazing views, Zermatt has everything to offer.


With almost 400 kilometers of marked hiking and mountain trails around Zermatt, Täsch, and Randa. There are plenty of hikes you can do during your stay in Zermatt. Because let’s be honest, is there a better way to enjoy nature than being surrounded by scenic views of the Matterhorn and its surrounding mountains?


Matterhorn view from Höhbalmen in Zermatt

The view from Höhbalmen (Edelweiss Trail)


One of our favorite hikes is the Edelweiss Trail. It’s one of the harder trails but we definitely recommend it for experienced hiker because the view up there is breath-taking. Stay tuned for our next post all about our favorite hikes to do in Zermatt.


For the best information on what hiking trails are open and match your level, it’s best to have a look at Zermatt Tourism. They provide you with all the info you need for your next hiking adventure in Zermatt.


A hike can only be a good one with the right equipment, especially good fitting shoes are a must. Make sure that you wear adequate shoes for your hikes so that you can prevent injuries and blisters.


If you are still in need of some perfectly fitting shoes, stop by our shop on the main street. We specialize in boot-fitting where we can optimize the fit of your hiking shoes using your personal data after using our 3D-Scanning Best Fit System' technology. Hiking just got more comfortable thanks to our boot-fitting system here in Zermatt!


Hiking trail between Zermatt and Täsch with view to Matterhorn

Hiking between Täsch and Zermatt



2. Go Mountain Biking

Being surrounded by mountains, some of which peak over 4000m, Zermatt is a paradise for mountain bike lovers. If you’re new to mountain biking, don’t worry. Zermatt offers everything from trails that are ideal for beginners to learn on to more challenging ones perfect for advanced riders.


Mountain biking in Zermatt

Mountain Biking in Zermatt - by Beat Habenneger - Ski & Fat Bike Zermatt


The destination of Zermatt has a lot of offers that make your bike days even better! From guided bike tours to Helibiking, there are many ways to make your summer days in Zermatt unforgettable. Yes, you read that right, Helibiking. It’s as amazing as it sounds. Unspoiled trails combined with unique views are destined to make this summer one you won’t forget.


For some awesome guided tours or lessons, we recommend having a look at Ski & Fat Bike Zermatt or the website of Zermatt Tourism. And please don’t forget that the right material and all-round service are a must for you to enjoy a perfect bike day. So, make sure you are prepared well.



3. Go Skiing

After an unexpectedly short winter season, we had to list skiing as one of the top things to do. But not only that, everyone should try skiing in summer at least once. Where else to do it if not in Europe’s highest summer ski area?


Even in summer, we are lucky to have up to 21km of slopes that are in great condition thanks to the Theodul Glacier. Take the gondola up to the breath-taking altitude of 3’883 meters above sea level and spend a great day skiing.


Summer Ski in Zermatt 


Be sure to wake up early for the best experience. In summer, skiing is best done in the morning before the sun gets too strong and the slopes get soggy. 


And who knows, you might end up being lucky to meet one of your favorite ski stars. Zermatt is one of the top destinations for many national ski teams where they train for their next competitions. For ski passes and further information, it’s best to have a look at the website of the Zermatt Bergbahnen.


If you’re hooked already, we might be able to make you even more excited. Why not hit the slopes with some of the finest Swiss skis? Our ski rental shop focuses on Swiss premium skis that promise a smooth ride on the slopes. Whether summer or winter, we are your go-to ski rental center in Zermatt providing you with some of the finest Swiss skis.



4. Buy a Peak Pass and enjoy great views from the top without having to sweat

This one is an obvious must-do if you like to enjoy the views from the top of the mountains, but you rather don’t want to walk all the way up there. The Peak Pass offers you unlimited rides on various lifts and trains in Zermatt. 


Rothorn Gondola Zermatt and view to Matterhorn and mountains

Rothorn Gondola - Image Source


Take a gondola up to the Rothorn and enjoy a breath-taking panorama of the Matterhorn and its surrounding mountains. Enjoy a smooth train ride up to the Gornergrat or visit the Glacier Palace up on Klein Matterhorn.


There is so much more you can use the Peak Pass for, and amazing views are almost guaranteed. This of course depends on the weather. But let’s hope you’ll have an amazing stay in Zermatt where bad weather is the least of your worries.


Be sure to have a look at Matterhorn Paradise for more information and for buying the peak pass.



5. Enjoy the amazing food up in the mountains

Zermatt is not only famous for the Matterhorn but also for its amazing culinary experience. Where else can you find such a high density of reward-winning restaurants that consistently offer high-quality food? The choice in Zermatt is huge.


Some of Zermatt’s best restaurants are ideally located up in higher altitudes making your next culinary experience even more memorable. Why not enjoy a tasty meal while relaxing on a sunny terrace up in the mountains?


Restaurant Zum See Zermatt"Zum See" hamlet in summer


Most of the mountain restaurants are easily accessible through a short walk from the town center or from the gondolas and trains. Others require longer walks/hikes to get to. For a list of mountain restaurants we have in Zermatt and for information about where they are located, have a look here


A few of our most favorite mountain restaurants that are located closer to the town center are Zum See, Blatten, and Simi. Their food is exceptional and so are their hosts and service. Be sure to stop by during your next trip to Zermatt. We promise you, you won’t regret it.



Things to do in Zermatt in Summer Bonus: Go Shopping

With all the activities you can do up in the mountains, sometimes it’s nice to stay in town as well. Strolling through the village is a must, even if you don’t shop. But if you do like shopping, you have plenty of options. From souvenir shops to fashion and sports shops, there are plenty of options.


But of course, it wouldn’t be a guide from Bayard Sports & Fashion if we wouldn’t recommend a little visit to our shop next to the Mont Cervin palace on the main street or to our The North Face Shop by the train station. We would be happy to welcome you!

Bayard Sports & Fashion on the main street of Zermatt

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