The Bayard Guide To The Mountain Huts In Zermatt

Bayard Zermatt Guide Mountain Huts in Zermatt


Zermatt is a paradise for hiking, mountain touring and climbing enthusiasts. 38 four thousand-meter peaks can be reached from Zermatt making it a starting point for many small and bigger tours. So, it comes as no surprise that in total there are 16 mountain huts and 10 private cabins around the region.


This guide will help you get an overview of some of the amazing mountain huts that Zermatt has to offer. Whether you plan a simple hike where you stop for a quick lunch or a bigger tour where you need overnight accommodation, we are sure this guide can help you out. For a full list of mountain huts and for all the information you need to plan your tours, visit the websites of Matterhorn Paradise and Zermatt Tourism.


Please also note, hiking and climbing on routes in the high alpine terrain require good physical health, perfect preparation, and experience. If you aren’t as experienced and are interested in guided tours, we recommend having a look at the ZERMATTERS.


The Bayard Guide To The Mountain Huts In Zermatt

1. Rothorn

Thanks to its location at 3198m, the Rothorn hut promises a panoramic view of the four-thousanders surrounding Zermatt, such as the Matterhorn, the Dom, and Monte Rosa. During the summer months, it is the starting point for many high alpine tours.


Rothornhütte und Aussicht zum MatterhornThe Rothhorn hut and its view to the Matterhorn 


If you take the direct way up from the town, you’ll pass two other must-visit huts in Zermatt, the Edelweiss, and Trift huts. The edelweiss hut is the only one that you’re able to see from bear eyes from the town center of Zermatt. If you’re wondering, it’s the small white house you can spot on a cliff surrounded by the forest on the west side of Zermatt.


Located only around 45 minutes up the mountains, it is the ideal spot for a refreshing drink or quick lunch during longer hikes. Once you continue the way up, you’ll arrive at a small valley called Trift where you’ll find the Berggasthaus Trift. If you plan to make a stop here be sure to try their homemade ice-tea. It’s one of the best we ever had.



2. Fluhalp

Located in the middle of the skiing and hiking area of the Rothorn Paradies, the Fluhalp offers a magnificent view of the Matterhorn making it the perfect lunch spot for your next hike or ski day. Yes, this hut is open during summer AND winter.


Berggasthaus Fluhalp und Adlerhorn in zermattThe Fluhalp during the summer months


In summer you’ll be able to experience an overnight stay with unforgettable sunrises and sunsets whilst being as close to nature as you possibly can without missing out on the comfort of your own bed. And did you ever wonder where those pictures are taken where the Matterhorn is reflected in a lake? Well, you’re in luck because one of the lakes, the Stellisee, is just a short walk away.


During the winter months, the Fluhalp is especially famous for its delicious food that can be enjoyed on their big terrace whilst being able to listen to some great live music.



3. Hörnlihütte

The Hörnlihütte aka Basecamp Matterhorn is probably the most famous hut in Zermatt thanks to its strategic location directly at the foot of, you guessed it, the Matterhorn.


Hörnlihütte Zermatt mit Sicht aufs MatterhornThe Hörnlihütte located right at the foot of the Matterhorn


The hut is considered as the starting point for the ascent of this mighty mountain via the Hörnli and Zmutt ridge as well as the North face. But even if you’re not planning to conquer the Matterhorn, you should still consider planning a hike to the Hörnlihütte.


Admiring the breathtaking scenery of the Matterhorn and the surrounding mountains whilst enjoying a tasty meal is a one of a kind experience you shouldn’t miss out on. Who doesn’t dream of getting this close to the Matterhorn?



4. Monte Rosa

The most unconventional and another one of the most popular huts in Zermatt is the Monte Rosa hut. Located in the middle of some of Zermatt’s glaciers and surrounded by many 4000m peaks, it’s definitely not only its design and shape that make it so special.


If you’re looking for a traditional hut made of stone or wood, you won’t be able to find what you are expecting. The Monte Rosa hut is a modern building with a dazzling aluminum façade making it self-sufficient in energy.


Monte Rosa Hütte ZermattThe Monte Rosa hut during the summer months - Source 


The hut can be reached within 3.5 to 4 hours from Rotenboden. Instead of walking on a regular hiking trail, the route to the Monte Rosa hut will also partially lead you across the glacier. So be sure to pack some crampons for better stability and increased security. 


The hut is not only open during the summer months. During winter, you'll also have the chance to enjoy the unique view from their sunny terrace or to stay overnight. In summer you'd walk over a panoramic trail, whereas in winter things are a little bit different. Instead of hiking your way to the hut, you'll be able to reach it with your skis on!



5. Schönbiel

Surrounded by the Matterhorn, Dent Blanche, Obergabelhorn and other mountains, the Schönbiel hut is the starting point to the classic and breathtaking tours such as the "Haute Route" or the "Tour du Ciel". But same as the Hörnlihütte, even if you don’t plan to go on a big tour, it’s still worth a visit.


To reach the hut you’ll experience an unforgettable hike along the north face of the Matterhorn. The path to the hut leads you through a variety of landscapes. You’ll pass various alpine meadows and as you continue your way up nature transforms into a rough mountainous region where you’ll spot the Zmutt glacier that due to its retreat reveals how much nature is changing. Where years ago, was still a thick layer of ice, there is now a rough rocky landscape.


Schönbiel hut and Matterhorn North FaceThe Schönbiel Hut & the panoramic view along the way


A little tip from us, if you like to do bigger hikes or a mini-tour around Zermatt:

As mentioned in our last blog post, the hike over Höhbalmen leads you deep into the Zmutt Valley. Here you could continue your hike even further into the valley along the Matterhorn’s north face. Eventually, you’ll reach the Schönbiel Hut, where you could fuel up your energy tank with a  delicious meal or an overnight stay.



6. Ze Seewjinu

Last but not least, the Ze Seewjinu mountain lodge, formerly Berghaus Grünsee is ideally located in the middle of the skiing and hiking area between Rothorn and Gornergrat. Thanks to its location it’s not only open during the summer months but also during the winter season.


Ze Sweejinu Mountain Lodge & Matterhorn in the backThe Ze Seewjinu Mountain Lodge in summer


In summer, the area is perfect for some smaller or larger hikes and bike tours whilst enjoying the beautiful alpine flora. Only a few meters away from the hut, you’ll also find the Grünsee lake, making it also a perfect stop for a family trip.


In winter, you can benefit from the ski-in & out amidst the ski area as the lodge is situated right next to some of Zermatt’s top slopes. Waking up high up in the mountains and being able to just go outside, put your skis on and go, how good does that sound?




Please be sure to have a look at the safety information provided for each trail by Zermatt Tourismus. Our guide solely aims to inspire you for your next hikes and doesn't cover everything in detail. 


Hiking and high alpine trekking not only demand good physical health and practical knowledge but also the right equipment to ensure you’ll have the best and safest experience. If you’re still in need of some shoes, functional shirts, or any other hiking gear, be sure to stop by our shop on the main street or at The North Face Shop by the train station.


Especially our boot-fitting might be something for you. Shoes that are tailed specifically to your feet will ensure the best comfort and grip. No matter what, we would be happy to assist you.

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