5 Reasons Why You Should Go Hiking In Zermatt

There is so much you can do during your stay in Zermatt. But one thing you should for sure be doing at least once is go for a hike. Hiking is one of the best outdoor activities to do in Zermatt, especially during the summer months. It allows you to be in contact with nature whilst supporting your health. It's becoming increasingly popular all over the world.


We're certain that we all know that hiking is good for us, it’s a form of exercise that gets our heart rate up. The benefits are numerous and even a regular short hike can improve our physical and mental health significantly. Hiking in Zermatt can provide you with even more benefits besides health factors. So be sure to keep on reading for the 5 reasons why you should go hiking when in Zermatt. 



5 Reasons Why You Should Go Hiking In Zermatt

Reason 1: You’ll get THE best views of the Matterhorn

Yes, you can have amazing views of the Matterhorn from the center of Zermatt. Those pictures from the church bridge are for sure iconic. But, nonetheless, the best view you’ll only get from high up the mountains.


Matterhorn view from Tufteren ZermattView of the Matterhorn from Tufteren 


On top of that, depending on what hikes you do, you might even get as close to the Matterhorn as possible without having to climb it. You can take up the train or gondola to get some breathtaking views fro sure. But, don’t you want to see some different views as well?


Whether it’s the Matterhorn mirrored in a lake, the full view of the Matterhorn’s North Side, or the full panorama of the Matterhorn and its surrounding mountains, you’ll only get to experience those sights when going on a hike!


Bayard Tip: Combine your hike with a stay in a mountain hut so that you can get up early and enjoy the sunrise behind the Alps. The beauty of the colors in the mountains and sky during those early hours is something you need to experience at least once in your life. Our last blog post was all about the amazing mountain huts we have here in Zermatt, so be sure to check it out.


View from Fluhalp Zermatt with Sunrise over the MatterhornSunrise and view from the Fluhalp mountain hut



Reason 2: You’ll be able to discover beautiful landscapes

Hiking not only provides you with the most amazing views of the Matterhorn. You’ll also get to experience the different landscapes we have around Zermatt.


There are hikes that will lead you deep into some of the small valleys situated around the area. That's where you’ll be able to discover how nature has been changing over the last years. Where there have been glaciers, you’ll now see rocky landscapes.


Other trails will lead you past glaciers, lakes, forests, small waterfalls, and some traditional mountain hamlets. All of which you wouldn’t be able to see if you wouldn’t go on a hike.


flowers and edelweiss in Zermatt infront of MatterhornThe Edelweiss & Flora of Zermatt in front of the Matterhorn


And that’s not even all, the flora you’ll get to experience during the hike is one of a kind. The edelweiss, gentian, and alpine rose are amongst the best-known flowers you can find in the area. But there are also floral rareties that only exist in Zermatt. Be sure to have a look at Zermatt Tourismus to find out what those unique species are and where to find them!


Bayard Tip: Make sure that you don't forget to pack your camera as there's so much to discover. You wouldn't want to miss out on taking pictures of the amazing panoramas and landscapes you’ll get to see when being high up the mountains.



Reason 3: You might be able to spot wildlife you wouldn’t see otherwise

The wildlife area around Zermatt, Täsch, and Randa is one of the largest in Switzerland. Birds of all kinds, chamois, marmots, mountain eagles, deers, ibex, and others are amongst the wild animals you could discover in the area. Please note that those are all wild animals and feeding them is forbidden and human contact must be avoided!


Matterhorn with blacknose sheep and ibex in Zermatt Blacknose sheep in front of the Matterhorn & an ibex resting in the woods


Marmots are probably the animals you'd encounter the easiest. Those ground squirrels can be spotted around various hiking trails in Zermatt. You'll have high chances to see them around the Sunegga/Blauherd area. Deers are often seen when walking through the woods around Zermatt as they tend to live in lower altitudes. 


Chamois are living higher up the mountains. Depending on the weather and season, you might even be able to spot some from the cable cars going to Schwarzsee. On the other hand, finding an ibex takes more effort. Same as the chamois, it’s a variety of mountain goats that have adapted to live in steep and rocky. They're rarely seen on lower altitudes so you're only chance is to get up the mountains.


The wildlife of Zermatt is so diverse and there are even more wild animals you find around Zermatt. To see them it not only requires you to get into nature but you also need a bit of luck to spot them. Be sure to always keep your eyes open. 



Reason 4: Everybody can do it, especially in Zermatt

Being located in the middle of Switzerland's mountain world, Zermatt offers an extensive choice of hiking trails. Surrounded by 38 four thousanders that are in the area and with a 400km hiking trail network, it is a true paradise for hikers.


Whether you’re only getting into hiking and want to start with a short and easy walk or whether you prefer to do big tours, Zermatt has routes that are suitable for anyone. You might even be more challenged to choose between all the different trails available than doing the actual hike.


View of Zermatt and the MatterhornThe Matterhorn and Zermatt 


Zermatt's hiking trail network is structured into different levels in terms of length and experience needed. There is a broach selection of challenging hiking routes for experienced hikers as well as easier and shorter tours for beginners or families that just want to get into nature.


Depending on what you're looking for, your hike can become an athletic adventure, an unforgettable family excursion or a relaxing stroll through nature. The choice is yours and we hope by now you're set to go hiking in Zermatt! 



Reason 5: You don’t need much to get started

Hiking is one of the best but at the same time easiest spots to start doing. Going on a hike is as simple as putting one some comfortable clothing and some good hiking shoes. To go hiking, you don’t need much fancy material like when practicing many other outdoor activities.


Besides not needing a lot of material, you also don’t need any special skills, to begin with. It's not necessary to take lessons or anything thereof to improve your abilities. All you have to do is get going and hopefully continue to do so on a regular basis.


Matterhorn view from Schönbiel hut The Matterhorn from a different angle - the view from the Schönbiel hut


Hiking is all about getting into nature rather than competing with others or looking for the thrill of adrenaline. Many sports are all about competitions, being better than others. Hiking is the complete opposite. It's a great way to have a good time with friends or family.


When going on a hike people look out for each other. The one who is in lesser shape will put in the effort to not stay behind and the fastest one will make sure that no one is left behind. It's all about enjoying the views and reaching the top together.




Please be sure to have a look at Zermatt Tourismus before heading out on a hike. That's where you'll be able to find all the detailed information about hiking in Zermatt, such as safety advice for each trail. Our guide solely aims to inspire you to go hiking in Zermatt. Also, you might want to have a look at The Bayard Zermatt Hiking Guide, which recommends some of our favorites hikes to do in Zermatt


In order to enjoy your hikes and to have the best and safest experience possible, it’s important to use the right equipment when going up the mountains. If you’re still in need of some shoes, functional shirts, or any other hiking gear, be sure to stop by our shop on the main street or at The North Face Shop by the train station.

Especially our boot-fitting might be something for you. Shoes that are tailed specifically to your feet will ensure the best comfort and grip. No matter what, we would be happy to assist you.


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